Sam Shines

Together - Opportunities Come To Life

Service Options – Individuals

Supporting individuals with temporary or life-long alternative access needs in order to promote independence, enrichment and advocacy.


  • Providing assessment of task ability or limitations, individual preferences, environments and potential solutions.
  • Evaluation of strategies, devices & environmental modifications as accessibility solutions.
  • Ongoing support for implementation, updates, repair and re-assessment.
  • Training for family, friends, mentors and caregivers.
  • Collaboration with community, recreation and education programs to ensure accessibility.
  • Collaboration with career coaches and employers to ensure accessibility.
  • Links and referrals to additional resources such as:
    • Community and social supports
    • Medicaid Waiver options.
    • Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)
    • Recommended equipment vendors.
    • Therapy and support providers.
    • Equipment funding and loan solutions.