Sam Shines

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Service Options : Educators, Specialists, Service Providers & Practitioners

Supporting accessibility compliance, safety, and improved outcomes through collaboration with public and private educators, therapists, transition/career specialists, facility operation teams, clinical practitioners, attendants/aides and program administrators.


  • Mentoring collaboration between expert disciplines & perspectives to ensure appropriate services.
  • Facilitating cross-discipline training to promote collaboration.
  • Mediation.
  • Evaluation of current resources to avoid duplication or unnecessary spending.
  • Demonstrate low-cost or free update solutions.
  • Provide implementation training for currently available resources to be used as immediate solutions.
  • Assistive Technology assessments/evaluations for individuals or programs with training & implementation support.
  • Equipment loans or rental programs for accessibility trials.
  • Professional development (PD) trainings, varied venue for:
    • Pre-K through post-secondary & higher education teams.
    • Transition and vocational specialists.
    • Program administrators.
    • Clinical and educational therapists.
    • Inclusion and peer-buddy teams.
    • Transportation aides.
    • Music, art, athletic, technology etc. educators.
    • Assessment coordinators.
    • Behavior & discipline specialists.
    • Student support specialists.
  • Interaction & collaboration with Information Technology (IT) & Instructional Technology specialists.
  • Evaluation, recommendation & support for 504 compliance.
  • Establishing Assistive Technology teams to support:
    • Understanding federal & state expectations for assistive technology compliance.
    • Developing policy & procedures, forms & training materials.
    • Tracking system for distributing & collecting equipment.
    • Review & training for readily available resources that can be implemented as assistive technology solutions.
    • Documenting assistive technology & accomodations within Individualized Education Plans (IEP/ISP).
  • Links & referrals to additional resources such as:
    • Training & tutorials. Train-the-trainor support.
    • Recommendations for program and equipment vendors.
    • Low cost, no-cost accessibility and educational tools.