Sam Shines

Together - Opportunities Come To Life

Service Options – Parents, Mentors & Caregivers

Assisting with advocacy, mediation, services, planning and resources.

Care Givers

  • Special Education overview to assist with:
    • Understanding steps, timelines, terminology, eligibility, expectations & range of services.
    • Helping to defining specific goals & expectations.
    • Understanding, ensuring & maintaining a team approach toward decisions.
    • Mentoring, mediation & advocacy.
  • Development & intrpretation of Individualized Education Plan (IEP) & Individualized Service Plan (ISP)
  • Assistive Technology (AT) assessments/evaluations with team consultations & implementation.
  • Training for family, friends, mentors & caregivers.
  • Collaboration with community, recreation, education & vocational programs to ensure accessibility.
  • Guidance & referrals for Medicaid Waiver programs.
  • Links to additional resources such as:
    • Accessibility specialists in other regions and states.
    • Community and social support activities/groups.
    • Laws relating to accessibility and disability.
    • Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) Individual GPS location monitors.
    • Therapeutic and clinical service providers.
    • Recommended equipment vendors.
    • Equipment funding and loan solutions.